The WWE Times: 5th July 2010

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 5, 2010

Welcome to the "WWE Times".  This is a new article I'll post on a regular basis discussing my thoughts with you, the readers!  So, lets not waste time and get right down to it!


Get Well Soon, Ricky!

It really makes me sad to think of Ricky Steamboat being hospitalized and I truly hope he's out of hospital this week. An article on this very site said the NXT angle is cursed and it wasn't until I read it that you really begin to ponder weather the angle is jinxed, so a very good observation to the writer. What do we think Vince McMahon cares more about though; How long Steamboat will be off work or how this may affect the sales of his DVD? Hmmm.. You gotta love questions that could get you fired. Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with The Dragon and his family.

Leave Jim Ross Alone!

While seeing a picture of Jim Ross attending Brock Lesnar's fight at UFC 116, I think he looks very healthy and his bell palsy seems to of gotten better. And judging by some of his blogs he feels healthier too and prefers not to travel 52 weeks a year. So why are people still trying to get him back behind the table? Although he is vocal about him missing calling the action, it would be strange if he didn't after doing it for 20+ years. I sometimes miss my job and I only did it for 4 years, but after time, you weigh out the Pros and Cons and I found out I was better off in another career direction. J.R. may very well look back on this in a year and say that he's had the time of his life. Of course he'll have moments - like Shawn Michaels' last match - where he'll miss the job, but for $50 on pay per view he can go to the bathroom whenever he wants.


WWE Censors the "Ric Flair Chop!"

I think this is taking it slightly too far. I do understand the "Don't mention them on TV" deal, but really how many people would watch 2 hours of torture just because they heard a fan going "Wooooo". How long will it be until WWE think the fans chanting "You Suck" at Jack Swagger is related to him using the Ankle Lock? Either way, WWE, don't ban a good move - one that even the divas could pull off well - because Ric Flair is with TNA.

Is Abraham The GM?

With the news buzzing around that Abraham Washington is the General Manager of RAW, I ask why? I don't ask why because I don't like Abraham, but because I wonder what the point was of keeping him anonymous. If he was already considered for the role before they gave it to Bret then surely they could of just given the role to him when Bret was removed from the position. Now with the suspicions of who the general manager is building, we are all expecting a big payoff. I will repeat that I have nothing against Abraham Washington and I wasn't like some expecting the Rock or Paul Heyman - that's right I heard someone say that - but I did expect someone with a bit more "star-power". But hey, I'm not one to question it because only a few people actually knew or cared about Theodore Long until he back the GM of Smackdown and now he gets a massive pop. Vickie Guerrero is another example.

SD Money In The Bank: Are We Missing Someone.. Or two?

So, I hear we're missing two of the eight participants in the Money In The Bank match. Drew McIntyre seems like a good addition to the match now that his visa issues. Dolph Ziggler would of been a perfect addition and quite frankly I'm surprised that he hasn't already been added as in storyline Vickie is meant to be favouring him, so why isn't he in the match already? Either way, I'll be anxious to see who is added into the match.

Is Batista Walking Alone?

It seems that since Batista has left WWE, he has been pursuing roles in films and a possible career in MMA. Unfortunately I've seen his acting so lets just scratch that off the agenda. Next he wants to go to MMA, does he? No offence to Batista and I'm not saying I'd mess with him, but he couldn't win a fight with a chimpanzee. The problem with Batista is, WWE has spoiled him. He went the quick road to success with Evolution and got ahead because he became friends with Triple H. He got paid more money than he ever deserved and no one else will match up to what WWE has done for him. Now Batista has stuck himself in a situation. He's too old for UFC and too expensive for Strikeforce. He's mad with WWE for the time being, but going to TNA won't satisfy him financially and will only ruin his chances in WWE. Only time will tell, what's going to happen with Batista.

So, what did you think? Was I too opinionated or not enough? Was it too long or too short? Were my facts right or wrong? But most importantly did you enjoy it.. or not? Feel free to comment, both negatively and positively.