The Cowboys Need a Big Season From Romo

tee polkAnalyst IJuly 27, 2008

After two disappointing seasons as the Cowboys' starting quarterback, Tony Romo is looking to redeem himself as the quarterback of the future for the Dallas Cowboys.

Two years ago we all remember the botched snapped for the go ahead field goal in the playoffs against the Seahawks, and who could forget his horrible performance in the playoffs against the Giants last season?

Tony Romo is definitely a great quarterback, but does he have that spark the Cowboys need to win a playoff game, or is he more into the Hollywood spotlight with his girl, Jessica Simpson?

It seems at times that Romo gets distracted and loses focus on what's important for his team:s winning the big game. Something he has yet to do for the Boys.

Romo had a great regular season last year that earned him Pro Bowl honors, but it wasn't enough to get his team over that playoff drought, and when you are the face of the franchise, you need to bring your "A" game every game because the Cowboys have a lot of passion for their team, and want to get back to the days when the dominated the NFC.

So, is Tony Romo ready for the upcoming season?

He has the talent around his offense to get the job done, but I think he needs to be more focused on the field than he is off the field and that will give the Cowboys the best chance to be a great team this season. If Romo can continue to establish his connection with T.O. on the field then the Boys are bound for the Bowl y'all!