So-called Experts Are Dead Wrong About Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow

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So-called Experts Are Dead Wrong About Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow

I'm a surfer who loves chasing hurricane swells. As such, I can tell you that whenever I hear predictions regarding how many hurricanes we are going to have, well.. The predictions are good for a laugh and nothing else.

Predictions by the so-called experts in football can have a much more intense impact on an individual player in regards to where they are drafted.

You can have a Hall of Famer picked in the sixth round as a result of the expert's opinions, as was the case for Tom Brady.

Or you can have busts picked with the first pick in the draft, such as... well, you could get ten people together they would all give you a different answer to that one.

Enter Florida Gator Tim Tebow. The Mainstream media may as well as have done a tag team pile drive wrestling move on him, in their attempt to sabotage his career with their erroneous takes.

The mainstream media loves to glorify the gun-slinging thugs of the NFL who go to stripper bars and make it rain, the prima donnas who act as cancers in team's locker rooms, the drug addicts and murderers and, well... you get the picture.

So it is no surprise to me that when Tim Tebow enters the league, the liberal mainstream media with great disdain and delight will do everything in their power to demonize the saint.

I have to draw the line in the sand here after seeing the masses being spell bound by all the so—called experts who insist on keeping their heads buried in the sand while writing off everything Tim Tebow managed to accomplish as if Tebow's success was a fluke.

Taking my queues from the many dragons I have slain, it is high time for me to sow my fury with a flame throwing session of my own, on the so-called experts who have dared to distort the collective mindset of Tebow's persona.

These dragons have managed to completely void much of the phenomenal accomplishments which ought to act as super launching pad for Tebow's NFL career. Rather, they would have the masses believe that these accomplishments are a stigma, with their mangled take on Tebow.

Tebow makes this mission as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Just as the media attempted to do a curb stomp on Tebow's career, by running him over with Madden's Bus, here is my attempt to do a little stomping of my own.

Oh, it's on...

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