Esks get bitten by the Lions

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IJuly 5, 2010

The Edmonton Eskimos kind of sort of kicked off the 2010 season, they were thoroughly trounced 25-10 in front of the home crowd at Commonwealth. The Lions dominated the game thanks to running back Jamal Robertson and his 168 yards rushing and a touchdown. 40 year old Paul McCalum tied his own team record by kicking 6 field goals for the Lions and Casey Printers had 260 yards passing on the night. The Eskimos were unable to get much going, Ricky Ray was hit early and hit often during the game but was still able to throw for 229 yards in the loss. Turnovers hurt the Eskimos as BC recovered two fumbles, one of them being a fumble by receiver Skyler Green who fumbled the ball as he was hit returning a punt. The Lions now join the Stampeders and Roughriders at 1-0 in the western division while the Eskimos become the only west team without a win.

 The Eskimos play the Alouettes next week on July 11th at Commonwealth and the Lions head

back to Vancouver and will take on the Roughriders on July 10th.

I wont be able to provide an eskimos report for the Montreal-Edmonton on July 11th as I will be in Trinidad, but I will return for the week 3 eskimos game vs Rougriders on July 17th

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