Tiger Doesn't Use This Putter, But Maybe He Should Be

CB MaxwellContributor IJuly 4, 2010

This is the most unique design in all of golf.  The Axis1 Eagle by Luis Pedraza solves the problem that all putters have, and that is torque.  By counterweighting the heel forward, and bringing the shaft in perfect alignment with the center of gravity, this putter resists twisting throughout the putting stroke.  He holds the patent for this unique design. 

ZERO torque.  What is interesting to me, is that I typically am more comfortable with a mallet putter. The reason being, they resist twisting too.  Yet, the Axis1 Eagle is lighter than a mallet, but has the same similar feel of resisting twisting on off center
hits.  Even more so.  It is also very cool when setting up for a putt, that the shaft is in perfect alignment with the ball, so the stroke becomes very intuitive.  At impact, it is very clean, and pure.  It has a clear sound and great feedback to your hands.

Anyway, the initial unusual look becomes "normal" very quickly.  So, if you believe in "form follows function" this might be worth a look.  After all, almost half of golf is on the putting surface.