Real Madrid Turn Their Gaze To Cesc Fabregas

Ismail AyubCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

Real Madrid seem to have given up their dogged pursuit of Ronaldo, but now Sauron's, sorry I mean Calderon's, eye has turned to Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas. First let me make it clear I don't want Arsenal to give him up, but if we did, let's discuss what transfer fee our most celebrated and creative player would have.

Naturally Fabregas would have an astounding transfer fee, after all Fabregas is only 21, and has a footballing brain similar to that of Zidane. And a 29 year old Zidane was 46 million, and gave Madrid four good years, meaning Fabregas could give them at least 12 decent years, unlike Ronaldo or Kaka, whose attributes (speed, power, pace) would fade away with age.

So how much would I suggest Arsenal sell him for. 90-100 million pounds, he's worth at least double Zidane was. He's a Euro 2008 winner, a Champions League finalist and an FA Cup winner at only 21.

If Arsenal was to sell him and get a transfer fee, in excess of 90 million pounds, Arsenal wouldn't have to sell off any other big players for at least five more years.

So your thoughts?

How much do you think Cesc is worth?