Dottie travisCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

well friday night was an emotional night Not just for Dale JR. but for his fans and his Daddys fans. something we all needed the last ride of the #3 for Dale jr. He was happy, he was emotional, he was so wound up over the race he spoke 100mph. it would be a long night of tears and drinks and talking and mostly remembering.

Now maybe Junior can begin the healing process for himself. Nothing would of given me More pleasure then to be there in VL and give him a Big Hug and congradulate him it was awesome to see that #3 win again even if it was for a moment..

I dare anyone to say that race was rigged, that man fought like heck to win that race he whent back then raced back up to the front to stay there and win. I feel completely and utterly happy junior has a win albiet in the nationwide season. it was a win. and he proudly proclaimed this for his daddy

Nothing much more you can see about something as bittersweet as this. except god bless you Dale jr.

on ward to the next race.