Landon Milbourne To NBA: Atlanta Hawks

Al Hondo HandyCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

Landon Milbourne is one step closer to his dream of playing basketball at the next level.

Milbourne will a member of the Atlanta Hawks's Summer League Team.  He will have to prove himself this summer, as his team and other NBA teams, will compete in league play in Las Vegas.

The former Maryland Student-Athlete will have to prove himself all over again, even after playing four years for the Terps.  Having to play out of position may have changed some NBA teams minds about him.  Milbourne was a team player for the Terps and accepted that role to help his squad.

He will have to show that he has an all around game, including handling the ball, shooting and playing defense.

He has worked out for NBA teams like Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Minnosota Timberwolves, Los Angelas Clippers, Scaromenta Kings and Atlanta Hawks. 

At many of the workouts he got great reviews, even though he was working out with potential number one draft choices.  Most teams got to see him for the first time and now with the summer league they will be to see him run the floor in game situations.

In a discussion with his father Andre Foreman, the former Two Time All American at Salisbury University and All Time Division III Leading Scorer, he says "Landon would love to become an Atlanta Hawk full time", however there many in Maryland that are hoping he becomes a Wizard.

He was called a leader at Maryland by his teammates.  He lead the Terps out of the tunnel at Comcast Center, every game.  He is said to be the most intense player in the Nation.  Some say no other ACC Player was in better shape then Milbourne.  He set the tone in the weight room for the team, including after each game.  Milbourne always left everthing out on the floor.

He is a kid that is inspired by his All American mother, Kaona Milbourne, who made sure Milbourne understood the importance of getting a good education and that he had to continue to focus on that goal.  Milbourne will not be one of the athletes that didn't graduate on time or even graduate.  He has his diploma in 1 hand and several awards in the other.

He now has another goal to focus on and that is to play in the NBA.

For all the critics that had given up on Landon when he didn't get draft in the 1st or 2nd round, hold your heads high, you are only a critic.

Landon is a player and knows it pays to be positive.  He will work hard on the court and stay focused off the court over the next several weeks in Las Vegas.

This is an opportunity for him to be seen by all the GM's of the NBA. 

An inspirational player, a leader by example player, a hustle player, an athletic player, a team player and a role player equals Landon Milbourne.

Lets hope that there is a team that needs a Landon Milbourne.