Could We Have Vince McMahon Versus Daniel Bryan?

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 4, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

So, right now, I'm in my home watching the single most shocking thing this year, the graduates of NXT's first season attack John Cena, CM Punk Justin Roberts, Jerry Lawler, Mark Yeaton and various other WWE officials.  And as I watch this fresh and exciting storyline unfold for the third time, I'm thinking "Why the WWE find it necessary to fire Daniel Bryan after choking out Justin Roberts?"  Now I'm not someone who writes off the storyline as a failure just because Daniel Bryan was released.  That is most certainly an over reaction because right now, the only star of the group is and should be Wade Barrett.  It is in the future, after this storyline and in a years time when WWE will ask themselves the very question I just asked.  Why was it necessary to fire Daniel Bryan?

But, I'm a hopeful individual.  I don't criticize the WWE before they have a chance to explain themselves and I try to stay positive when things are clearly going to ruin.  So being the type of person I am, I still hold faith Daniel Bryan and WWE are not history.  In fact I think the opposite.  I think Daniel Bryan and WWE are the future. 

Although I can't just sit back and think WWE will solve the problem over time.  No, that's just not the person I am.  I need to think about what WWE will do in order to solve this problem.  Of course, they'll need to pick up the phone and call him up, but after that what happens?  Does he come back and side with the WWE saying the Nexus has taken it too far?  Possibly. 

Or does he come back and attack Vince McMahon for firing him in the first place?  You see, although Wade Barrett says he got fired for having remorse for his actions, I think WWE could have a more realistic feud if they played off the real reason.  This would of course create the effect that it was legitimate by acknowledging Barrett's reasoning as, well just part of the storyline. 

So we have the reasoning behind the attack, but where does it lead?  Well, Daniel Bryan would rejoin the Nexus, if they are still in operation and he would probably be co-leader with Barrett.  He would focus the Rookies attention onto Vince McMahon and challenge to him to a match, embarrassing him as the weeks go by.  Vince McMahon then is forced into a corner when he suffers an assault from the group.  He accepts the challenge and we are on step closer to the biggest match of the Summer.  Hopefully this storyline could be squeezed into five or so weeks to allow it to happen by Summerslam.

But, what happens after it?  After their match at Summerslam, which we can assume Daniel Bryan will win, he will move onto bigger things.  There are many options one of which would be a possible face turn feeling remorse for the annihilation of Vince McMahon.  This would lead to a feud with Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan could face each six (or however many remain in the group) other members at every pay per view leading up to Wrestlemania 27.  This would set up a Wrestlemania encounter between Barrett and Daniel Bryan. 

Obviously this would be a massive storyline to pull off and interest would need to be kept throughout the months for it to have it's potential success.  As for this fan, I know Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon won't be the greatest match of the year, but I'd definitely pay the extra $10 to get the pay per view in HD.

But what do you think, will we get this match between Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon?  Will we even get Daniel Bryan back in the WWE?  Feel free to leave a comment, both negative and positive.