Kirk Herbstreit Comments on Justin Boren's Transfer from Michigan to Ohio State

Kristofer GreenSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2008

ESPN College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit's comments on Justin Boren transferring from Michigan to Ohio State.

“To me, I worry from Michigan, that standpoint," he said. "It’s not like Adrian Arrington or Mario Manningham leaving for the pros. This guy was a legacy guy and when he makes comments like, ‘my dad played for Bo, it was an honor to wear the winged helmet but the family atmosphere is eroding and I’m outta here'; that’s not like, 'hey I’m going to go to another school,' that’s like getting kicked square in the shorts when you’re Rich Rodriguez.

"With all the other things that are happening, when you get that comment form a legacy guy, a guy whose dad started 3-4 years for Bo, all of a sudden everybody’s tentacles go up a little bit, like what’s he talking about family atmosphere eroding.

"It might have been truthful, but I didn’t think it was the right way to leave, in my opinion, because he’s got friends who are on the (Michigan) team right now, he seems to care about the program. He could have just left. I was surprised to see him make those comments. I’m sure he did it out of emotion.

“But I’m a little concerned right now for Rich. There’s a lot of negative things adding up. They need to start the season and win some games to get some positive stuff going, some mojo going, because it’s not good right now.”

Spoken like a true Buckeye, Herbie.

Ohio State also has won over Justin's linebacker brother Zach, who was recruited by the Buckeyes and Wolverines.  He has given his verbal to the Buckeyes and is part the 2009 recruiting class.