A Possible Offseason Failure?

Kyle MillerContributor IJuly 3, 2010

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It's only the third day of the opening of NBA Free Agency and the future is beginning to look bleak for the New York Knicks, who have planned years in advance for this free agency class.

As of right now, rumor has it that Amare is coming close to a deal with the Knicks which will reunite Amare with his former coach Mike D'Antoni. But other than Amare their situation looks dark.

The Knicks hoped to sign LeBron but he seems to be leaning towards the Bulls or the Cavs, taking the Knicks out of the picture. Dwyane Wade seems to be committed to either stay in Miami or go back to his hometown in Chicago.

Joe Johnson has nearly agreed to a deal to sign back with the Hawks and Chris Bosh is more interested in teams such as Miami and he definitely isn't coming to New York if Amare is there.

David Lee also needs to be re-signed by the Knicks, he can possibly leave as well. Tracy McGrady may also be back. They will still have some pieces but it seems like it will be much weaker pieces than expected.

This doesn't mean that the team is going to be an absolute joke but it seems like it will be worse than expected especially what was expected by Knicks fans and the Knicks Front Office.

Nothing is official yet but these are just what is seems will be true. The Knicks have mile high aspirations and it seems like most of these aspirations are far from becoming a reality.

On July 8 players can officially sign with the team of there choice. LeBron has already stated that before that time he hopes to have come to an agreement with the team of his choice. Time is passing by for the Knicks and it seems that they are either going to need to get another meeting or something of that sort that will impress LeBron or he will most likely be going elsewhere.

Some still believe that a big name other than Amare will be coming to New York. It isn't as if they can't, it just seems unlikely at this point in time. That is exactly why in this league you can't rely on the free agent market. Free Agency is never a sure thing, while on the other hand it is usually safer to build up talent through the draft and various trades.

The Knicks are at least going to make a few mid level exception signings to get some talent but they probably wont be able to get anyone too good with these especially considering the fact that any NBA team can offer an MLE abiding by not surpassing the hard cap, so I think a player such as Mike Miller would much rather sign with the Lakers at $6.5 Million for 1 year rather than the Knicks.

I suppose that the Knicks will be better than last season considering that they probably have a star in Amare but it would be smarter for them to begin to focus more on establishing their future on the draft rather than free agency.

Free Agency will be much more successful to a team like the Bulls since they have talent and cap room. The Knicks only have cap room making them much less appealing.  Teams like Miami and Cleveland don't necessarily have the talent but that is only because a star player of theirs has either opted out or is viable to be a free agent and he needs a new contract with that team or another.

The expectations of New York fans haven't dropped as of yet but they soon will. The evidence is becoming clear. Hopefully David Lee will at least come back.