UFC 116 Voted Perfect 4th of July Sport Event By Bleacher Report Readers

Brian Oswald@@briancoswaldMMA Editor July 3, 2010

After several days of voting, it appears that UFC 116 may have taken the lead for good.

In case you didn’t notice, on the front page of Bleacher Report, a poll was ran asking the question, what is the perfect 4th of July Sport Event?

The choices were:

The Word Cup
UFC 116
Major League Baseball
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Content
Backyard Ball with the Kids

Major League Baseball and Backyard Ball with the Kids actually traded places for first, while UFC 116 patiently hung out in third during most of that time. In the end though, the event that promised the most potential fireworks on this weekend that celebrates our nation’s freedom won out by less than half a percent over baseball, our nation’s pastime.

To see the most up to date results, click here .

So to all sports fans:

Whether you like seeing two 265 pound behemoths enter a cage, or like watching guys kick or swing at white balls, or you prefer taking in grown men stuff as many hot dogs into their mouths as they possibly can, enjoy this weekend in the manner that most brings your friends & family closer together.

And, if you have kids, don’t forget to toss the ball around…or teach them how to lock in a triangle choke from the comfort of your living room floor.

God Bless America Sports Fans