WWE: Is Jack Swagger the Next Kurt Angle?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 3, 2010

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest ring workers in the history of pro-wrestling. Fans know Angle as the in-ring technician who can mat-wrestle anybody, yet have the fans attention each time he wrestles.

Angle left the WWE in 2006 and there has been a huge void of star power in the amateur ranks to pro ranks category. Wrestling fans respect Kurt for all that he has done in the business and some fans even call him the greatest wrestler in WWE history. With Angle being the best in some folks' minds, how can the WWE find another solid wrestler to mold into greatness like Kurt Angle?

Well, enter Jack Swagger into the spot and see where it goes.

Swagger was an NCAA wrestling champion at the University of Oklahoma and he was one of the top ranked college wrestlers in the entire United States. Swagger came to WWE in 2008 and got off to a quick start in the company by winning the ECW title from Matt Hardy in January 2009. Swagger held the title for four months until dropping it to Christian. After he dropped the title, Swagger was sent over to RAW and was pretty much buried in the lower mid-card ranks within the WWE.

Swagger got out of the funk finally at WrestleMania 26, where he won the money in the bank ladder match. That win led to Swagger cashing in his title match five days later on SmackDown, where he defeated Chris Jericho for the world heavyweight title.

Swagger held the title until the fatal four-way pay-per-view, where he lost to Rey Mysterio. The loss was a momentum killer in a lot of wrestling fans' minds because Swagger was starting to get over as champion, but the WWE then decided to let Swagger grow a mean streak with one vicious move, the ankle lock.

Swagger has used the ankle lock the last two weeks and the results have been great, by having disabled Big Show and Rey Mysterio. Swagger is really focusing on using wrestling holds to defeat his opponents, but with this new attitude and finisher, the question that has been asked is will the WWE try to build up Swagger as the next Kurt Angle?

Swagger is a good mat-based wrestler but he will never be Kurt Angle. Instead, I believe the WWE will try to build Swagger up in a mixture of the way it built up Angle and Brock Lesnar, because Swagger is Lesnar's size but has the abilities of Kurt.

If the WWE pushes Swagger in that manner and Swagger can continue to deliver in the ring, then the results will be great as the WWE continues to push young talent.

WWE might need a mat-based wrestler to deliver in some big-time matchups, but I believe that Swagger will continue to improve as a wrestler and on the mic over time. If Swagger has half the career that Angle has had so far, then Swagger will be a star in WWE and recognized as one of the best in the world.