For Byron Scott and the Cavaliers, Showtime is tomorrow

Kirk LammersContributor IJuly 3, 2010

Photo: AP

No time to ease into things, Byron Scott. Your second day as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers may prove to be your most important.

At tomorrow's meeting with LeBron James, owner Dan Gilbert, general manager Chris Grant, and Scott will look to convince LeBron James that their team should be the winner in the LeBron sweepstakes. They'll do this by preaching the familiar, home-based, defensive winning culture that they have established together with James over the past seven years, combined with the new strategy and experience with Byron Scott and the ability to make the roster better in this offseason as well as beyond. The Cavaliers' hope is that they will be rewarded for attempting to win at all costs for the past several years rather than others who have embraced losing for the chance to entertain LBJ this week.

The Cavalier front office believes that Scott is the man for the job because of his championship pedigree as a player, his proven track record of his overachieving and going deep into the playoffs, and his defensive philosophy and stronger offensive presence. Scott played for the old school Pat Riley in Los Angeles, and he believes in a consistent, tenacious defense that will get the Cavaliers through games where the offense isn't working as well. In short, "defense wins championships". Does that sound familiar? It should, because that's been the bedrock of this franchise and a lot of what Mike Brown hammered into his players in five largely successful years as Cavs' head man.