Paul Robinson: Has His career turned into a disaster?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 27, 2008

Well well, if anyone had said two years ago that Paul Robinson would be at Blackburn Rovers by 2008 I wouldn't have believed them.

His England career was shining and we were all saying he was the solid number one for England, his Spurs career was so good he was even scoring wonder goals from his own box.

But a storm was on the horizon of this great England prospects shores.

After a terrible miss-kick from a back pass from fellow England star Gary Neville, Robinson's career went down hill and started to take a nose dive.

He made two big mistakes against Germany and kept on making them at international level.

And if that wasn't bad enough his Spurs career started to take a bad turn and after a couple of bad games he was dropped from the Spurs and England squads.

The only good point from the last days of his Spurs career was a great performance in the final of the Carling cup. After this he started to play well again and I thought that he had kept his Spurs place.

But after the sale of the keeper to Blackburn this summer, has his England career finally taken the last nail in the coffin?

From a personal opinion I think spurs have let a top class keeper go, all keepers make mistakes even the greats and I think he should have been given a little more time to get back to the form he was in when he signed for Spurs.

His new career at Blackburn will be a fresh start but will he ever get back to be England's number one?