Tomas Rosicky: An Essential Part of The Arsenal Machine

Ismail AyubCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

One complaint, I often hear about Tomas Rosicky and Alex Hleb, is that neither has scored double figures, in one season for Arsenal. I also hear in some corners how Hleb was so important to Arsenal last season, however I hardly hear people talking about Rosicky's contribution.

Of the two, he was closer to getting into double figures for league goals. Seven goals in 15 League Starts, which means he was scoring a goal every other game, whereas Hleb scored a paltry two goals, even though he had around double Rosicky's number of starts.

Had Rosicky not been injured at the start of the season and January 16th to the end of the season, imagine how high his goal tally would have been for the season. Definitely into the double figures, as I'm sure you'd agree, so I think the argument that Arsenal are missing a midfielder who can score like Pires/Ljunberg could, is a little off-base, (but could be used against Alex Hleb).

Had he not been injured in January, and stayed fit for the rest of the season, as it hit crunch time, maybe Arsenal would have got some major honours. After all he was a master of shooting from outside of the box, and could have chipped in with some valuable goals when Arsenal couldn't walk it into the net.

Hopefully, with the new titanium plates in Rosicky's troublesome knee, he can stay fit and help Arsenal challenge for major honours next season.

Anyone else out their agree with me?

Do you believe Rosicky is a highly important part of the Arsenal machine?

Had he not been injured do you think Arsenal would have won something?

Any comments will be appreciated...