UFC 116: Lesnar Vs. Carwin, A Comic Book Fan's Dream Come True

Will AndersonCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2010

Growing up I loved comics, and to this day I still read a few in my spare time. Two of my favorite characters were The Hulk and The Thing. These guys would go toe to toe quite frequently, and it was always a classic match up.

While The Hulk usually ended up overtaking The Thing due to sheer strength and raw power, The Thing was no slouch, and fairly able to give the big green machine quite a fight.

When I watch tomorrow night's matchup between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, it makes me think that I'm seeing the real life versions of my comic book heroes getting ready to do battle. Let's look at the comparison's and breakdowns:


For obvious reasons, Brock Lesnar would fit the role of The Hulk. He's massive, incredibly strong, agile, and grows stronger as he gets angrier. Lesnar's athletic ability is unheard of for a heavyweight; he has all the speed of a welterweight without sacrificing any of the size or power of a super heavyweight.

With each fight that he's had since his UFC debut a few years back, Lesnar has gotten better and better; which makes him a very dangerous fighter.


Carwin is the embodiment of The Thing; tough, powerful, smart, and scrappy. While The Thing gives up a bit of size to The Hulk, as well as an incredible amount of strength, he more than makes up for it by being an excellent fighter.


Shane Carwin's standup is probably going to be the difference maker in this fight. If Brock should decide to trade punches with Carwin, we could end up seeing another upset for the second straight week.

Lesnar is not to be taken lightly though. He's had 6 months to train for this fight, and is well aware of the stakes involved. His best bet would be to use the GSP approach, overwhelm Carwin with his athleticism, and go for a quick takedown to work his ground and pound.

In either instance, this has the makings of being an epic battle beween two superstars in the Heavyweight division, and I can't wait to see who'll come out on top.





Picture by Tom Feister. His work can work be found on deviantart.com: