Dale Earnhardt Jr: No Fix Here Haters, Just Lots of Heart

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Dale Earnhardt Jr: No Fix Here Haters, Just Lots of Heart
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the friday night's Nationwide Race at Daytona driving the No. 3 car as a tribute to his dad, Dale Sr.

No one could have written a better script—lots of heart and pride made this win possible.

Even if you’re not an Earnhardt Jr. fan, you had to be happy for the guy.  And seeing him win a race that was so important to him has to warm any fan's heart.

Let me qualify that:  You had to be happy if you have a beating heart.  I’m sure some of the Jr. haters and their hard wood tickers probably were cursing up a storm when No. 3 got to the checkered flag.

There were probably lots of wide screen televisions with a Bud Light stuck right in the middle of them, and I say, good—I hope it costs them lots of money to fix them.

Seriously folks, it was a great win for NASCAR, and for the fans, it was a great way to start the Fourth of July weekend.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won fair and square, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Congrats to the Jr. nation for their great night.

Enough said.

Note: Here is a link to an article I wrote a few days ago about Dale Jr...Enjoy.


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