ESPN's John Clayton Attends New York Jets Training Camp - Leaves Early

bob mantzSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2008

ESPN's John Clayton attended Jets training camp Friday - leaving the cozy confines of the Bristol Bat Cave from which he hangs and reports on items such as The New York Giants not really being larger percentage wise than any other NFL team or how Cowboy Tony Romo is still traumatized by how slippery balls are.

Clayton only stayed at practice for 45 minutes before leaving due to what ESPN has confirmed was sweatiness.

I have heard from another source that the reason that the Cryptkeeper left was actually due to incessant teasing at the hands of some of his more athletic colleagues.  Mike 'Tank' Francesa & John Kruk (why he was there I have no idea) were both heard mocking Clayton as he agilely tried to avoid being hit by errant Kellen Clemens' balls.  This did not go well as even the highly athletic Clayton could not avoid being hit several times. (And, remember, this is an ex-NFLer we're talking about here).  Just how God awful must Clemens be if John Clayton could not avoid his throws?

Deadspin has pointed out in the past that John 'Kingpin' Clayton might have a secret reason for avoiding athletic competition at this point in his career.  I, for one, hope that his misfortunes Friday really make the Jets consider long and hard whether they need Brett Favre out there.

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