Miles Austin: Is He Tempting Fate With the Celebrity Curse?

Jim ReedContributor IJuly 2, 2010

It's been reported that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Miles Austin, is courting Kim Kardashian.

My initial reaction was, "Good for you, Miles!" Then, "You know, this may NOT be good for the Cowboys."

Is the star receiver tempting fate with this temptress?

Tom Brady has Gisele Bundchen, Hank Baskett has Kendra Wilkinson, Tony Romo had Jessica Simpson, and of course, Reggie Bush had Kim Kardashian.

Although Tom Brady is still a Pro Bowl quarterback, he has seen a performance drop since his marriage to Gisele. Some say it was due to his 2008 injury. Others say he faked it to spend more time with his supermodel wife.

There was a report that Kendra Wilkinson blew a kiss to a certain Colts receiver just before a certain onside kick in last years Super Bowl.

No need to elaborate on Romo and Simpson. We will just say pink jerseys.

And when Kim started dating Reggie Bush back in 2007, his numbers went from rising NFL superstar to second-string back.

There were recent reports that Austin did not catch that "cold bug" that spread over Dallas this past week. If he can't catch a cold then how can he manage to catch Romo's fast-ball passes over the middle?

Are you worried yet, Miles? With a not-so-stellar year for Roy Williams and a rookie named Dez, the Cowboys are placing a lot of their chips on you.