The People Have Spoken: B/R Wrestling Awards, Results

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The People Have Spoken: B/R Wrestling Awards, Results

You voted and you delivered, the results are in.

Most of the categories were close in voting and in most of the categories the superstars deserved to win.

I was impressed with the amount of votes actually placed.

But, out of the little over 100 votes placed, I used a randomly selected 75 votes. If I had to count more, I think I would have gone insane. (lol)

For each slide I have listed the winner (obviously), but I have also listed the amount of votes the superstar got and the amount of votes the rest of the nominees got.

I have to admit in a few of the categories I did feel like it was more of a popularity vote and not a really fair contest.

Some wins surprised me, and others were pretty predictable.

I think the last slide on the show will surprise a lot of people. The winner might be obvious, but the way the rest of the results shaped out was very interesting.

The votes have been double counted.

- Did you like the voting process?
- Do you think next there should be some type of nomination show before the nominees are announced and then the eventual winners?
- Did you agree with the winners?

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