I'm Back! The Catch Up Article: John Morrison, Cena and MITB

John SandersContributor IJuly 2, 2010

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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First off, I'd like to address the MITB Pay-per-View

John Morrison, why should he win the MITB over all of the other participants in his match? Well, lets look at the past and present. Lets examine the rest of the wrestlers involved, and why they may or may not deserve a contract.

Randy Orton & Edge

These two have been champions countless times at breakneck speed, do we really NEED to see another title reign from The Rated R Superstar or The Viper? We've seen what they can do, and we don't need to see it again so soon, sure Edge was out for awhile but thats just an excuse to recycle the same programming again. They are obviously both very talented wrestlers but we need something new and fresh (That isn't Jack Swagger... )

Chris Jericho

We've seen exactly what they do with Jericho, even if he does win the MITB, even if he does successfully cash in his contract and win the ultimate prize... he won't keep it for longer than 1-2 months, which is common for anyone but with Jericho we know it as an unavoidable truth. If he wins I will be disappointed that at least one contract will be a waste of time.

The Miz

Do I really need to say anything about this guy? His in ring psychology and facial expressions give me the chills in a bad way, I question why this guy is a " respectable " wrestler in the first place.

R Truth

He has been around a long time as two personas that I know of, which are practically identical however still sold differently in their own ways... but I think there is probably a reason why we don't remember R Truth as a great champion, because he never was and probably never will be, he is flashy and talented in acrobatics... there just isn't anything the WWE can do with him that hasn't already been done, his shtick is the same Vs. A jobber as it is against a huge superstar.. my final verdict is that he won't be walking away with the contract, it would be yet another dead end and create more stale programming..

However, I really don't want to give creative much credit because over the past two years we've seen the same thing over and over again, and the few chances they've taken were with terrible superstars on even more terrible angles.

Ted Dibiase & Evan Bourne

Green horns... thats about all I have to say, I mean.. neither one of them are ready to play with the big boys. Sure Evan has a big following and what not but think to yourself: Would you buy a Pay-Per-View with Evan Bourne Vs. say... Triple H or Randy Orton? I'm pretty sure that would be a lot less satisfying than someone would imagine.

And finally, John Morrison:

We need to see someone on the performance scale of upper card, and we need to see Morrison getting pushed, he is NOT the best wrestler ever as some like to say, but he is better than what we are seeing now. He made a FANTASTIC IC champion and every title match he was in I enjoyed watching, regardless that it was almost all against unfounded superstars, He has the champion look and talent and this company, especially Raw needs a breath of fresh air. Some may disagree with me, but I'd like to reference something in recent memory: Jack Swagger. Push good talent, not new garbage.

Moving on to my second point in this article.. (I only addressed the match I am interested in seeing out of MITB, so I ignored most every aspect) this is old(ish) news, but its still very relevant in my mind and will contain huge walls of text, but I digress.

John Cena: Why he should take a long vacation.

He is in a nutshell, and I am basically just re-stating the same thing that has been said over and over again.. the new Hulk Hogan of the WWE, was hulk hogan a good wrestler? No, no he was not. Did he add anything to the WWE besides legions of children? Nope, did he leave eventually? Yes, and I think its about time for Cena to take a break and here are the reasons why:

#3 Cena has fought every single upper card wrestler on several occasions on his brand, Raw. Which he will NEVER leave and NEVER get drafted from. 99% of these matches featured him at a disadvantage, or in an imposing nature wherein you knew with certainty he would walk away from a match with either a title, or a new notch on his belt of greats that have jobbed to him in a pathetically sold manner.

#2 Just like Hogan, he recycles the same tired moveset, and sure.. against the PERFECT opponent that actually understands that wrestling is a complicated art form, those old tired moves can be brought back to life, if not for a brief moment.(Putting emphasis on PERFECT opponent) For the most part however everything he does can be called several seconds, sometimes even minutes in advance and against some opponents, before the match even starts. My advice: Get a new moveset or step aside for someone who isn't going to bore me to death and waste 10 to 20% of my Pay-Per-View purchase on stale predictable garbage.

#1 Cena at one point had flare and an interesting agenda to bring in, now that he has proved himself he has nothing to offer because he has fallen into what I call " Comfortability in Limbo ". His mic skills went from interesting and funny insults to 5th grade humor, sometimes I'd like to even say kindergarten humor. I'm waiting on him to call someone a " Mean doodie head " and hear the audience respond with wild applause, brainwashed into thinking anything he says is brilliant to a sudden " Wait.. did he just call him a doodie head? "

In closing on Cena, is there any doubt in anyones mind that he will leave the next Pay-Per-View the champion again? There is no outcome other than that possible, let me flesh out the exact storylines that stay consistent almost every time he loses his title: He is injured and is forced to drop the title, He loses in a dirty way(Seriously, I'd love for you to name to me one time that he was beaten cleanly in recent memory, go ahead.. I'll wait) and then triumphantly gets his revenge against (Insert poor schmucks name here) against all odds, saying against all odds because usually they set up an angle where he is either out numbered, or injured by getting jumped days or a week before the championship match, I also want to point out that he does a good job of selling an injury while not in a match, but did anyone ever notice that once the bell rings he instantly throws off any acknowledgement of physical pain and removes the effect that a wrestler should be throwing into every match? I will chew through a phonebook if I see him 50 minutes into being dominated into a match suddenly stand up, run around the ring like he just took a cocktail of Heroine, Speed and Steroids selling no injury and taking the win.

It disgusted me to see how Cena lost his title at Fatal-Four-Way, but Vinces precious Cena can't lose legitimately, it can't happen. The Nexus angle also needs to go away, they just interrupt matches that could end on a high note for no reason. What we needed to see: Cena getting stomped by all 3, the 3 turning on eachother and one of them landing a finisher on Cena for a clean pin. Sounds more interesting than a bunch of people no one ever cared about or heard of running in on a match you have to pay for and removing all reason behind it.

In closing: I don't necessarily believe that the MITB payperview is a good idea, because Money In the Bank is a Wrestlemania, or WAS a Wrestlemania unique match, however since the WWE has once again decided to throw us a screwball its in everyones best interest to just roll with it and hope eventually Vince will fire everyone in creative at the same time. Also, to add I fully understand Jack Swagger is on smackdown and his stint is with the WHWC, But the horror and terror I have endured on behalf of his title reign has burned the words " THINK HARDER, CREATIVE! " deep into my brain.

Thanks to all of my readers.