Brett Favre Has The Rash To Play Football Again

Casey FentonCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

Rumors are circulating that retired Packers QB Brett Favre is interested in returning to play professional football once more.

“What started as a simple ‘itch’ has slowly spread into a full blown skin irritation.” says Wisconsin dermatologist Dr. Heather Kunin. “No simple aloe will cure this.”

When asked what she would prescribe, “Only the presence of no.4 back on Green Bay’s active roster.”

While millions of people develop slight skin itches every year, few carry the unique Favre symptom of “being talked about on national television.”

It is unknown as to whether the rash developed from his love and passion for the game he has been playing since childhood, or an insect bite from his family farm.

In an unrelated story, Aaron Rodgers has developed a staph infection and is being treated for clinical depression.