Kentucky's QB Race is Anybody's Guess

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

It all seems good for UK fans in a perfect world that they wake up the next morning and hear that the rival school, which is Louisville, has had players getting kicked off the team for getting in trouble with the law.

Well short-lived was that. Junior QB Curtis Pulley gets to spend the night in the Hardin County jail. That should be enough right?

Wrong. Jay Fidler proved just that.

Fidler was arrested early Friday morning for disorderly conduct. Fidler was going to be in a pretty good spot to be the no. 2 QB behind Hartline depending on the punishment on Pulley.

This goes back to a simple little question.

Who is going to be playing behind Hartline now?

News from around UK is they have a few to choice from. UK still has the freshman coming into the picture.

Matt Roark and DeAunte Mason. Randall Cobb would be in the picture to, however he is moving to play at the wide receiver spot.

Defensive end Jeremy Jarmon spoke on Friday at the SEC Media day, that Coach Brooks "Has recruited people who are good football players that also have great character."

Now Jarmon might be wishing that he had not said that. But it is not Jarmon, nor Coach Brooks fault. It is the players who are getting into trouble.

Only time will tell where all the names will be at. Just 34 more days.