10 Things TNA Could Improve!

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 2, 2010

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 24:  Hulk Hogan enters the stage prior to his bout against Rick Flair during the Hulkamania Tour at the Burswood Dome on November 24, 2009 in Perth, Australia.  (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
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10 - They MUST learn the difference between PPV and free-to-view shows!

Every week we tune in to TNA and 9 out of ten they have some 'big' match planned. Great! We love big matches and we love their enthusiasm in this supposed war, but it isn't good for TNA. Ric Flair recently wrestled on free-to-view television for the second time! Take Abyss out the match, put in a credible wrestler (Jay Lethal for example) and then put it on at Bound For Glory and you have a legitimate good match that will attract people to buy the show, thus making TNA more money than Abyss-Flair did on iMPACT.

9 - Consistency

An odd one here and I suppose a bit of a spot filler until we get to the "BIG 5". But it is very important that a show has consistency. For example; Samoa Joe was kidnapped and disappeared for a long long time before he is brought back after they seemingly dropped the storyline. As well as that you can't have a rivalry one week, leave it for six and then skip back to it. That is a sure fire way to lose the audiences interest.

8 - Match Time

The one thing that really disappoints me about TNA is how short their matches can be. It came to me as I watched RVD and Desmond Wolfe battle it out in an epic 4 minute encounter!! Doing that makes Desmond not only seem weak, but now the fans think their votes mean nothing considering the quick job Wolfe did for RVD. Longer matches and more entertaining matches won't make him look weak.

7 - Age Limits

Sting, Eric Bishoff, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Jerry Sags, Brian Knobbs and Jeff Jarrett are not just over 40, but with the exception of the last three they are all over 50! TNAneed to focus on their young talent like Jay Lethal.. That's all I got! I'm sure with more air time I could think of more people that deserve more time on the Mic, in the ring, backstage, in the parking lot, anywhere TNA have camera than Hogan and Bishoff and the Band and the Nasty Boys and the Nature Boy and the Founder of TNA and the Icon.

6 - Production Storytelling

Sorry, but Production is a much bigger problem. Not that production is more important than storytelling, it is just how bad TNA's production is. Anyway, like I touched on earlier the Samoa Joe stunk worse than the Spirit Squad after their Manure bath on Monday Night RAW courtesy of your friends at D-Generation X... Good times. They really need to be able to make a match connect together and flow smoothly rather than most of their matches where they are being hit with chairs one minute and then bouncing around the ring the next minute like nothing happened. The Storylines obviously need improvement and that shoud hopefully come with experience.

5 - Production

Even moving it one spot closer shows how much of a problem it is. We have had weeks were the commentators are cut off mid-sentence and backstage segments made cut off too early. All these little things add up to ruin a show and irritate a viewer. It really illuminates the professional set-up WWE has and when TNA screw up they look like a shoddy version of WWE and that is not what they need. [EDIT - Since the publication of this article, Production has improved. It maybe deserves to get spot #6 back!]

4 - Knockout Division

Gail Kim is gone. Awesome Kong is gone. Alissa Flash is gone. Roxxi is gone. Tara is probably going. Taylor Wilde and Sarita are rarely used. Who are we left with? TNA need to pay their Women more and give them a more prominent role in the company. They are regularly the big ratings draw of the night so why should they get the least money. It should be the other way about. I don't really care if Hogan doesn't like the Knockouts, they probably don't like him. If TNA don't do something fast they will lose their whole division, the one that used to be so good!

3 - TNA Talent

Ok TNA does have their own talent, but how popular are they? Not very. If you want an example, look at their world champion [RVD]. The majority of the top guys in TNA are not from TNA. Look at WWE. The majority of their stars are from themselves. Sheamus. John Cena. Jack Swagger. Batista. Triple H. Edge. Christian. Big Show. All that TNA gain from taking stars established elsewhere (e.g. WWE) is the thought of them being a shoddy version of WWE because the stars are always twice as big in WWE. Who wants to watch WWE of 5-10 years ago?

2 - Tag Team Division

They have no tag team division. Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal were put together for having similar looks. Was that Vince Russo or Hulk Hogan? Maybe it was Ditsy Disney Dixie Carter, We then have those two, Generation Me is it? Rubbish. The only teams I like are Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns, who don't get enough time on-screen unless they are following Ric Flair or another 50+ waste of air wash-up.

...And Finally...

1 - The X Division

Oh how bad it has got. Now the X-Division is used as a simple method of separating one backstage segment involving Hogan saying he's too old to wrestling from another segment about Hogan agreeing to return to the ring. TNA have given up on Christopher Daniels (perhaps the best wrestler in TNA since 2002) and Consequences Creed. Now that Ditsy Disney has clearly been nagged by the new drama queen AJ Styles about Daniels being fired, she is practically begging for him back, but get this.. they want to pay him less money!!. I'd suggest ROH or my favourite WWE. He can make three times as much and he could be a very big star. A funny move for WWE would be putting him in the second [At the time of publication, NXT was still in it's inaugrial season] season of NXT showing TNA what they really think of them. A badly made indy show that can't train a wrestler.. No offence to Daniels, it is just business.  Although I wouldn't support the idea.

Well I'm going to sign out after my list of nags for TNA. If they, by some miracle, do manage to fix all of these 10 problems I suppose I could... Email them the next ten thousand!!