2008-2009 NFL Predictions: As Close to Being "Expert" as It Gets

Mike AlessandriniCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

I have put much thought into these 2008/09 NFL predictions. I did not take into consideration, any "expert" picks that end up all being wrong in the end. This is strictly my opinion, and I am usually on the money with these.

So, to the predictions. I will give you each division and how each team will finish. I will also give you the wild card spots. And finally, I will give you my post season picks based on my regular season picks.

There are a few teams I like this year. Nobody talks about my team, The Philadelphia Eagles, who are going to have a solid year. I also like the Bills to have another breakout season and improve upon last year. Despite what experts say, I highly doubt the Giants, Redskins, Ravens or Titans are going to have a playoff calibar season.

Many divisions are extremely difficult to predict. The AFC North is the most difficult in the AFC because it is hard to say if the Browns are going to repeat their success and improve on last year. They could surprise everyone and have a bad season like we're usued to. The Steelers are the other hard team to predict in this division. Are they going to do better than the Browns? In the NFC, I find the West to be the most difficult to predict. Sure the Seahawks are alot of people's pick to win, including me, but there are also the Cards, Rams and 49ers who are all breakout candidates this season. If Alex Smith can excel, the niners will have a good season. Dido for the Cards and Matt Leinhart. That being said, here are my picks.  (The * indicates wild card)

AFC East: 1) Patriots   2) Bills    3) Jets     4) Dolphins       (Pats get Bye)

AFC North:   1) Browns    2) Steelers*   3) Bengals    4) Ravens

AFC South:   1) Colts   2) Jaguars*     3) Titans    4) Texans      (Colts get Bye)

AFC West:   1) Chargers    2) Raiders    3) Broncos    4) Chiefs

NFC East:  1) Cowboys    2) Eagles*    3) Giants    4) Redskins     (Cowboys get Bye)

NFC North:  1) Vikings     2) Packers*   3) Lions    4) Bears

NFC South:  1) Saints     2) Bucs     3) Panthers     4) Falcons     (Saints get Bye)

NFC West:   1) Seahawks    2) Cardinals    3) Rams     4) 49ers

Here are my post season predictions:

AFC Wild Card:

Chargers (3) def. Steelers (6)

Jaguars (5) def. Browns (4)

NFC Wild Card:

Seahawks (3) def. Packers (6)

Eagles (5) def. Vikings (4)

AFC/NFC Divisional:

Cowboys (1) def. Eagles (5)

Saints (2) def. Seahawks (3)

Patriots (1) def. Jaguars (5)

Chargers (3) def. Colts (2)


Cowboys (1) def. Saints (2)

Chargers (3) def. Patriots (1)

SUPERBOWL: Chargers def. Cowboys. San Diego Wins Superbowl

There you go. Its hard to pick a superbowl winner right now but there it is.