NBA Free Agency 2010: What If Every Player Stayed on Their Team?

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NBA Free Agency 2010: What If Every Player Stayed on Their Team?
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What you are about to read is very unrealistic and a long shot at best. But it is possible.

Here it goes: What if every big name free agent stayed with their current team?

On day one of free agency, reports have surfaced that Rudy Gay will stay with the Grizzlies, while Joe Johnson is reportedly staying with the Hawks. These are two big names that are staying put.

Granted, they're not LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh, but they're two above-average players.

With that being said, however, there have also been reports that Amaré Stoudemire will not return to the Suns. It is also pretty much set in stone that Bosh isn't staying in Toronto. And as for James and Wade, who knows?

But what if those two guys stayed on their teams?

I think that would be an emphatic point to all of those other teams out there emptying their pockets for a marquee star. What a bummer it would be for those teams—no star player, and a lot of cash with no one to give it to.

All hope in the free agent market would be thrown away.

We would learn that loyalty in sports does exist, and that the players aren't obsessed with glamour and gold. 

Now, all of this sounds pretty unrealistic. Gay and Johnson may stay, but Wade and LeBron surely aren't, right?

Maybe, but you never know. Their current teams may end up having the last laugh, while their seekers may be sitting and counting their cash.

Then again, doesn't the one with the money always win out?

We'll just have to wait a little longer to see.

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