A Prayer for the Oakland Raiders and All of the Children

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A Prayer for the Oakland Raiders and All of the Children
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Sometimes it is good to stop and think about the heartbreak and pain of others, especially as it relates to the loss of a child. Many of us spend so much time writing, working, cheering, and blogging about our beloved team, the Oakland Raiders. I hope that we pay a good deal of attention to the children in our communities.

The recent accidental death of a precious two-year old broke my heart. I saw a picture of the round-faced, good-looking kid, and in the tradition of my family, I said a prayer for the family.

There is a phrase I have heard, "gain the whole world and lose your soul." I therefore think, "What would it mean to gain the whole world but to lose a child." For me, it is a difficult thought.

Yes, we will continue to cheer for the Oakland Raiders, hoping for more victories. Yes, we can stop for a moment and be silent as we remember the loss of Randall Cunningham, a former NFL player, minister, and father of three other children. The two-year old was his youngest child.

May the family of precious little Christians be encouraged by the memories of his life. May we be reminded to show compassion for others and take time to share in their struggle to understand their loss.

And when we think of all that we achieve as we cheer for the Oakland Raiders, perhaps we should make certain that we cheer for our children.

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