School of Snobbery - The 'Internet Wrestling Community'

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIJuly 1, 2010


(Note - this article intends fun. It might even be self critical as I sincerely clarify that I am a proud member of IWC) 

Hello bleachers, today it is not about them. It is about us, about the Internet wrestling community. Even the name itself sparks a snobbish grin on our prudent faces, doesn't it? 


IWC is an interesting entity to study. We revel in conservatism yet deride the establishment. We in a way are sheer bourgeois and yet we come across as a connoisseur. We have purists and we have rebels. In fact, I have figured out that we have communist and fascist factions too. 

We expect the expected

Yeah you read it right. Our major problem is we know a fair deal about pro-wrestling. That allows us to look down at entire world, at people who know less than we do and at people who are in the business themselves. 

Looking down at world is really easy. All we have to do is:


  •          To stand
  •       To look down at computer screen 
  •       To give a sympathetic sigh… 

Believe you me, such snobbery is pure delight.  

Moreover, we flock together in number of thousands on several blogs and discuss the possibilities. We predict everything there is to predict. Then comes a judgment day when these predictions come true. For a change, collective labor of thousand idle brains bears a fruit.

A demonic pleasure of triumph disguises itself in an honest anger and we rip apart the ppvs/matches. Keyboard becomes our artillery and we launch a fierce assault. Finally, the most anticipated “I had told you that" moment comes and our heart rejoices in relish.


Can we smile please?

It is found that every day in IWC land, the sun rises with morbid hues. Seriously how many of us can afford ourselves a smile while being on these blogs? Duh… is not it down-market anyway?  

Some PhD students are in fact researching on what exactly turns us into a ranting snob. So far, their research has suggested that we cannot ‘sell a smile’.  The study has inferred some interesting things. It goes...

·         IWC smiles when somebody with lesser knowledge falls into a pit of its superiority.

·         IWC smiles when Hornswoggle performs a ‘face to belly’ suplex. ( it does not laugh at his potential and possible other actions , because it’s PG era)

·         IWC smiles when the Great Khali performs Starship Pain.

·         Last time 90% IWC had smiled when its stepson Brian Danielson had spitted on Cena’s Face, remaining part was debating whether it is PG.

·         That bunch is of 10% is known for playing ‘Dead’ gimmick. It does not smile whatsoever.

These PhD students are searching for a solution to this particular problem. However, I bet, they will soon give up and start butchery.


Come on you douche, we are amateur Journos

We actually belong to a larger clan of self-proclaimed amateur journalists. It is a highly feared community on Jupiter.

It is mandatory for us as journalists to take a stand on anything and everything. It is even more glorious to do so when nobody is even bothered about it. By the decree of Oracle, we are entitled to oppose anybody. Moreover, Magna Charta has a clause that says ‘Journalists no matter what are always right’. We are the only religion whose god figures in basic alphabets, ‘I’.

Therefore, a member of IWC enjoys all the privileges mentioned above.  


Actually, I know we are not ‘that’ bad…

Seriously, I know we are not bad. It is only that we care for wrestling and we go to a great length to enjoy it. It is something that we love from our heart.

Alas, the majority of the world however is constituted by fools.  There is no chance that those rag heads will ever understand us. Moreover, why should we bother ourselves?  

We all know we can teach a fool how to think, but we can never teach how to understand. Let those poor souls suffer as long as we do not.


**** I hope you had a smile while reading it. Thank you for reading****