The Top 10 College Football Programs Of The Past 50 Years

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The Top 10 College Football Programs Of The Past 50 Years

Let's have an easy question to answer, what is the best football program of all-time?

Princeton? Notre Dame? Southern California? Tennessee? Army? Michigan?

Shall we narrow the corridors of such fleeting fame to the past, say, 50 years?

The truth is while the "All-Time Best" can be debated, we know certain facts steer us in the correct direction.

The following is an example of such specific information :

a) Who won the first football game? Answer- Rutgers in 1869.
b) Who has won the most games? Answer- Michigan, with 877.
c) Who has won the most National Titles? Answer- Princeton, with 26.

This is data encompassing the entire 141-year history of college football.

There is a definite division of three categories to the nearly century and a half of play.

For instance, the 1860s to the early 20th century featured the domination of powers from the eastern section of the nation, where the Ivy League and West Point built empires on the gridiron.

Looking back through time we observe an emphasis on schools elsewhere hiring coaches from the dominant northeast in order to create their own football programs.

This practice led to an expansion of interest and participation through the second of our referenced half-century eras, encompassing the so-called "Golden Years" of college football, circa 1909-1959.

Notre Dame, USC, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, and many others receive much of their acclaim as football powers for the work performed during this period of time.

A testtimony to the excellence of the 1909-1959 era, many of these second generation football programs remain today as the schools most recognizable to the casual fan.

And so we are left with the last of the tri-century eras, 1960 to present day.

We must agree upon one common stream of reckoning, the concept that "the best" is not always determined by simple wins and losses.

There is a more refined and ancient measure, one that spans the history of human endeavor through the ages and determines the perception of excellence.

This characteristic is the dignity the warrior displays in battle, as well as quality of performance. This is the trait which defines the status of legends.

Who will be remembered –and who will not.

It is this philosophy we take into measuring greatness during the examination of the past 50 years.

Let us now determine the best of the best.

Long live The King..................

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