What If.....We Had an SEC Football Reality TV Show?

Jay Holgate@@CollegeScoutATLContributor IIIJune 30, 2010

What If.....We Had an SEC Football Reality TV Show?

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First....We need a good looking sports girl

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Second...We need an SEC Football analyst

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Third...We need a production company that is affordable

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We build the show around traveling to SEC games in an RV.

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Or we could travel to SEC Football Games in a sports car.

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We talk on sports radio around the south about SEC Football.

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We could show tailgating at SEC Football games.

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We could talk about the top stories of SEC Football for the week.

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We could show top recruits on signing day!

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Maybe a "behind the scenes" coach interview...

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Maybe a player interview...

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We need plenty of interviews with cute girls!

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Who would you rather watch covering SEC Football?

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If you think SEC Football Reality TV would work, let me know.

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