2010 NBA Free Agency: Are The Clippers LeBron James Away From a Title?

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

Free Agency is just around the corner, and come July 1st, teams will be going after LeBron with offers that we may never even thought were possible. Or even players available, that we did not think we available to offer.

So with teams such as the Heat, Nets, Knicks, and Bulls as the main front runners to land LeBron. 

But the team that does not get talked about much, is the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have everything to offer LeBron. They have the cap-room, nearly $20,000,000 in cap space, enough to get LeBron. As well they have the pieces and they even have the young talent to surround LeBron.

The Clippers are in dying need of a small forward. Their starting line-up contains every positions accept a small forward. Could that be a sign that they are leaving it for LeBron? They did draft Al-Farouq-Aminu, but Aminu is not the player that will bring the instant success that the likes of LeBron could, but Aminu is still a great addition to the team. 

The Clippers to have the upper hand on the other teams in my opinions. Unlike all the other teams who apparently are the front runners for LeBron, the Clippers already have a young core, that can play.

The Clippers are just a superstar away (LeBron) from being a contender in the West. Whereas all the other teams have no one on their team, no one even under contract who is good...at all. The teams are just hoping for the all the top tier players to sign with them. Just think of this team next year for the Clippers.

PG: Baron Davis

SG: Eric Gordon (Willie Warren)

SF: LeBron James (Al-Farouq Aminu)

PF: Blake Griffin

C: Chris Kaman (DeAndre Jordan)

Now, is that not a team that can compete next year? They have all the weapons, they will be young, but a team that has young talent that can play. With veterans like Baron and Kaman, and then adding superstar LeBron. Putting those three around the nucleus of Gordon, Warren, Aminu and underrated Griffin, the Clippers could be a team to beat next year.

The One Question:

Is LeBron willing to play under the shadow of Kobe? By adding LeBron to the team, the Clippers would a great team. But does LeBron really want to play in a city that already has arguably one of the best players playing the game today, never mind of all time? Kobe has proven that he is the face of Los Angeles. Is Los Angeles able to have two faces of Los Angeles?