Bostons Best Is Embarrassing

Avery DeckerAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

As the Boston Red Sox make a run for the NL East, and are a top contender for the 2008 World Series, one of they're best and most fan loved (Boston fans) player on the team is embarrassing to the team. 


Am i the only one that thinks that Manny Ramirez is a disgrace to his team? When he hits a deep ball, Manny will stand there with his hands directly in the air. When he hits the ball, he never runs it out, especially ground balls. Even base hits should be ran out more. 


Manny Ramirez clearly does not like the situation in Boston anymore, and if there was not a no trade clause on him, you can bet that he would be out of Boston faster than you can say Yastrezemski. Manny and the Red Sox front office do not get along very well. Its amazing that The Bo-Sox and Manny have not agreed to part ways in some trades. I can think of some teams that can use Manny. Teams like the Dodgers, or the Royals. Teams who can use another leader or veteran. I can also see him as a Ray. He can DH there and Manny is just the sort of veteran that can help the young Rays move foward in the 2008 postseason. All I know is that if I was Terry Francona, I would be embarrassed to have Manny Ramirez doing what he is doing on my team.