Dale Earnhardt Jr: If No. 3 Wins Friday, Jr. Haters Will Call It a Fix

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2010

MOORESVILLE, NC - APRIL 29: Dale Earnhardt Jr., co-owner of JR Motorsports, stands with the #3 Wrangler car that he will drive in the Nationwide race in Daytona later this year, after the unveiling on April 29, 2010 in Mooresville, North Carolina. (Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images for NASCAR)
Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

Folks imagine what will happen if Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins this Friday nights Nationwide race.
There will surely be a cry throughout the NASCAR land by the Dale Earnhardt Jr. “haters” about NASCAR having the -fix on- to get the beloved No. 3 car to the checkered flag.
Twitter,Facebook and just about every available social media will have thousands of comments on who was involved in the conspiracy of the fix.
They will probably blame Mr. France , Bugs Bunny , Bill Clinton, Mini-Mouse, The Bleacher Report, ET and your mother in-law.
We can certainly agree on that ?
Dale Earnhardt Jr. has put himself in a no win situation, if he doesn’t do well in the No.3 car, “the haters” will have a field day blogging about how he disrespected his dads number.

If he does win “the haters” will say(among other things) that his pears let him win.

In my humble opinion this is just a no win situation for Dale Jr.

I understand the fans want to see the No. 3 racing again, you can’t blame them, he was and still is the most loved personality in NASCAR.

I do have to ask, Is driving the No. 3 car a wise move by Dale Jr. ?

I don’t think so, hopefully he can win the race and just let “the haters” have their day on the web, win or lose he will get pounded by those Dale Jr. skeptics.

Might as well be with a win!

Good luck to Jr. I hope he does well.

As always this is just a fans opinion and I understand everybody is one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.