The Wonder That IS Kyle Busch

Marjory MarkleCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2008

Did you see that race tonight? With tonight's win, that gives Kyle Busch 16 wins in NASCAR's three top touring series, a modern era record. There is no stopping this kid! It is my belief that he will break Jeff Gordon's record and become the youngest driver ever to win a NASCAR Cup Series championship.

He'll win it all this year. The combination of Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota, and the raw talent that is Kyle Busch is a winning recipe. Some people would call Kyle a "hot head", and as much as I admire and respect him, I'm not going to disagree. This is why making the move to JGR has been such a huge success for him. The Coach knows how to deal with exuberant drivers. Look at what he did for Tony Stewart! There have been few drivers in the garage in recent memory that have been more rambunctious!

Despite what Kyle shows on (and sometimes off) the race track, he is genuinely a nice guy. I had the privilege of meeting him a few years ago at Dover (I had to pass myself off as 16 to do it!) and even though he was only supposed to sign two items, he was more than happy to sign my multiple trading cards from his rookie season. Also, look at everything he has done for charity. There is nothing he won't do to try and make a fan happy or help someone in need. And if he wins more races along the way, all the better for him!

Fans may "boo" him now, but they also "boo'd" the other great ones. Waltrip, Earnhardt, Gordon, these are all champions, all men who started out as the "bad" guys and ended up quickly becoming fan favorites because of their skill on the race track. Look for Kyle Busch to end up in the ranks with these drivers sometime in the future.