What The Hell Do People See In John Morrison?

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IIJune 30, 2010

He is the golden boy of the IWC, he is the man everyone seems to think should have an automatic place in the main event in WWE.

People are 'amazed' by his move-set and his in-ring ability, and frequently lose their tempers because Mr. Morrison is not given that big push to stardom. My question is this: Why?

John Morrison has to be one of the most overrated wrestlers in WWE today. There are three things you need to be successful in the WWE:

1) In-ring ability

2) Mic Skills

3) Charisma

So, to explain why Morrison does not deserve this adulation, I'll pick apart these three aspects of his character.

His in-ring ability to begin with. People go crazy about Morrison in the ring, but to me it's all a bit dull.

I mean ok, the guy has a few good athletic manoeuvres. For example: the Pele kick, the springboard kick to the face, Starship Pain, standing shooting star press, knee to ther head, Moonlight Drive and ..... what else?

The moves he performs are the same week in week out, I don't mind but he never comes up with anything new. He cannot mat wrestle, he cannot strike, and for some reason he doesn't even try to add the power game to his repertoire.

Half the time he even messes up Starship Pain, which in itself is a very tame finisher. To be honest, all this guy is is an athletic John Cena in the ring.

The same people who make John Morrison out to be a wrestling god actually have the nerve to criticise The Miz in the ring. At least The Miz has actually improved his game. He has a bigger move set than Morrison now, his matches are more entertaining to me and he has come up with some good combination moves.

He can pull of all the standard wrestling manouevres and submissions as well. It may not be fancy, but it is effective and it looks good so I would say that he is on a level with most of the main-event stars in WWE.

Now let us move onto his mic work. A very painful area for Morrison. To be honest, he has to be amongst some of the worst mic workers in the business right now.

All of his lines sound totally scripted, there is no legitimacy in his voice. Speaking of his voice, it is totally bland and monotonous.

No wonder The Miz was the main spokesperson for the Miz and Morrison when they were a team. You see, unlike Morrison, The Miz is arguably one of the top mic workers in the business at the moment.

I think also that Morrison's mic work has been limited due to his face turn, it was a bit better when he was a heel.  

Now on to Morrison's charisma, which doesn't actually exist. The guy shows no passion in anything he does, he even looks lazy half the time. His charisma levels are on a par with Vladimir Kozlov.

I do not know if this is to do with his gimmick, or just him as a person. But the bottom line is this: It would be an awful decision to put Morrison in upper mid-card let alone main-event with his current lack of charisma.

Daniel Bryan did more in 13 weeks than Morrison has done in his whole career in terms of getting over with the crowd. He needs a new gimmick, then we'll see if he has any real charisma.

You know, its not even that I don't like Morrison, its something much worse: I don't feel anything for him at all. When he comes out, I don't want to see him, he spurs no reaction from me at all.

The thing in the WWE to remember is that reaction is the most important word. I hear very little reaction when Morrison comes to the ring, the guy needs to find a way to be interesting.

All the wrestling ability in the world does not make up for not getting a decent crowd reaction. It would be better if I disliked him. That is the bottom line.

I'll also point out that yet again that The Miz happens to be one of the leaders in the WWE and wrestling world in general in this field at the moment, both for charisma and heel heat from the crowd.

So, to all the John Morrison fans out there: Do you now see why he is stuck in mid-card? Do you now see why he gets beaten by The Miz nearly every time they have a match? Do you see why he has been out-shined by The Miz?

If WWE can re-invent his character, and let him work on his mic-skills, then maybe, just maybe one day he will fit into the main event. He is not ready, nor is he anywhere near ready.

One man is ready though, and his name is The Miz.