Let The Cold War Begin 'Global" Prokhorov VS Cablevision Dolan

Keith BennettCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

 The Cold War is alive and well and apparently being waged right here in New York in the NBA. A day after the FBI announced it smoked out a nest of 11 Russian spies who spent decades under "long-term deep cover" living as ordinary suburbanites with lawns and mivivans while gathering information for Moscow. The Nets begin their quest of King James in Ohio on Thursday, when owner Mikhail Prokhorov, rapper and longtime James buddy Jay-Z, coach Avery Johnson and outgoing team president Rod Thorn will make their pitch. Knicks Owner James Dolan, president Donnie Walsh, assistant to the president Allan Houston, coach Mike D'Antoni, MSG president Scott O'Neil also will make a pitch on July 1. It will be a big bidding war for LeBron James between the Nets and the Knicks. The team that get to sign James will be King of the Mass Media and Madison Avenue. Every eye would be on King James here in the Big Apple. Is this superstar from Ohio ready for all this. The market is big already here in the big city. King James could walk from New York the greatest player to come out of the NBA. Mikhail Prokhorov wants to make a name for him self, Go sign James and You be the King of New York. Dolan don't want this to happen to his team and the MSG fans.