2010 FIFA World Cup: Could Ghana Surprise The World?

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IJune 29, 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has reached the quarter finals. The match-ups are very interesting and the powerhouses of Brazil and Spain are still in it. As well as some underdogs with Paraguay, Uruguay, and Ghana who have surprised many by making it to the final eight. 

The Match-Ups:

Uruguay vs. Ghana

Uruguay has been the team that no one has talked about in this World Cup so far. They breezed through the opening stage of group games by winning two of the three games. Uruguay beat South Africa 3-0, Mexico 1-0, and tied France 0-0. Uruguay finished first in their group and then beat South Korea 2-1 in the round of 16. Ghana tied Australia 1-1, beat Serbia 1-0 by a penalty shot, and lost to Germany 1-0 but still managed to advance. Both teams play very different styles. The Uruguayans play a more traditional style of keeping possession and looking for the team to collapse on the defensive side and take advantage. The Ghanaians are more up-tempo, speed daemons, always looking to score. It will be a game to watch and could be history in the making as Ghana could be the first African team to make it to the semi-finals.

Prediction: Ghana 2 - Uruguay 1 


Netherlands vs. Brazil

This match is by far the most intriguing of the remaining four games and has been looked upon ever since the group stages were announced. It is a battle of number one in the world vs. number four in the world. Both teams had no trouble getting to this stage in the World Cup. The Netherlands won all three group stage games and the Brazilians won two and tied against Portugal, but players like Kaka (red card), Robinho and other stars were not playing, so a tie is not even that bad. As for the round of 16 the Netherlands won 2-1 over Slovakia and Brazil looked unstoppable beating Chile 3-0.

Prediction: Brazil 3 - Netherlands 1


Argentina vs. Germany

Another great match-up in the World Cup here with a rematch of the 2006 quarter-finals when Germany won in penalty kicks because of a red card given to the Argentina goal tender. And for any Argentina fans or players, they still have not forgotten about what happened and is looking for revenge. Argentina had no trouble at all getting to this point in the World Cup winning all four games so far: Nigeria 1-0, South Korea 4-1, Greece 2-0, and Mexico 3-1, and have said by many to be the best looking team thus far. Whereas Germany has been very impressive as well, losing to Serbia in group stage did turn some heads though.

Prediction: Argentina 2 - Germany 1


Paraguay vs. Spain

This is probably on paper the least interesting game of the remaining four match-ups. Though Paraguay has done well and has beaten what odds makers thought they would do, I think it ends here against the high-flying Spaniards. Though after the first game against the Swiss, Spain did not look to hot, but things have turned around and Spain is back and has looked pretty decent as of late. I think Spain will put the critics away and answer any questions that everyone may have about them underachieving. 

Prediction: Spain 2 - Paraguay 1


These games could set up for some interesting semi-final games:

Ghana vs. Brazil


Argentina vs. Spain