Jamie McMurray, The Red Headed Step-Child??

Cherie ManiaciContributor IJuly 26, 2008

This is just my opinion but I believe that Jamie McMurray does not get enough attention. While he does not have a great record for wins, he does show improvement as a driver. More popular drivers like Kenseth and Biffle seem to get mentioned more on air by the commentators than McMurray.

Even in races where McMurray has better track position that the other Roush drivers, McMurray barely gets a mention. My gosh, crash test dummy Robbie Gordon gets more mentions that McMurray. What does McMurray need to do, crash every race in order to get someone to notice that he exists.

Seems like some of the commenatators play favroites with which drivers get the most on air coverage which is not right. Jeff Gordon could be out of the race and McMurray could be in the lead and Gordon would still get more mention. Craziness.