Let Your Opinion Matter: Bleacher Report Wrestling Awards, Vote Now

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Let Your Opinion Matter: Bleacher Report Wrestling Awards, Vote Now


Hot Rod wants YOU to vote for your favorite WWE/TNA wrestlers and help them get some recognition.

I have thought of a new creative idea for an article here on Bleacher Report.

How about instead of writing a article that has just my opinions on it, I create an article that has all our opinions on it.

That's right, as a whole community we are going to give some recognition to who we think is the best wrestler/announcer in the categories that I have selected in this "award show."

The categories range all the way from "Best Tag Team in Wrestling" to "Worst Announcer," and then on the last slide the biggest honor "Best Wrestler in the Game."

All together there are 25 different categories. I have selected the nominated wrestlers in each category, but once you see the names you won't think it's unfair.

You might be asking yourself, how is this possible?

Well, (in correct order) write the names of the wrestlers you want to win in list format in the comment section below.

For example, the first award is for "Best Tag Team in Wrestling" if you choose 3-D then simply write...

1. 3-D
2. Next Slide
3. Slide after that

Simple, no?

At the end of your ballot/comment you will have 25 numbers and 25 names.

I will have an example of this if you don't get it.

Plus, don't worry about writing your picks down in the comment section and moving to the next slide at the same time, the last slide on the slideshow will have all the nominees and awards in the same order.


- Obviously, majority wins so the superstar with the most votes in a category wins the award.
- I won't use all the votes because I have to manually count them and there might be too many.
- In the unlikelihood of a tie, I will just use additional votes that were left over to break the tie for that ONE category.

Vote fair, but don't be afraid to pick your favorite stars.

After I tally up a number of your comments/votes, I will post another article saying how you all did and who the winners are.

I will write the article when I feel a decent amount of votes have been put in.

I hope that this can be both a good and fun first award show.

(This was inspired by viewers choice.)

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