Shrubbery Needs To Be Cut Down

Cherie ManiaciContributor IJuly 26, 2008

Kyle Busch, the little Busch bro has been driving in the NASCAR Nationwide and Cup Series' for only a few short years now and somehow he has managed to kick off more drivers in his short career than drivers who have been around the block. I do not think Kyle realizes that he has to earn respect before he will get it. He needs to learn to grow up. I am sick and tired of reading that people should give him a break and to take it easy on him. I understand that he is an eager beaver to get a win but there needs to be some decorum to winning. Just because his big bro Kurt has made a name for himself in the sport does not mean that Kyle will automatically get what Kurt has. Kyle needs to grow up and learn respect for the sport and for the drivers in the sport. Some of his actions during a race could seriously hurt someone. I mean seriously, he needs to chill out and grow up. Intentionally crashing people and going all diva on them is not a way to get respect in a sport. I do admit Kurt has had his issues but he has shown growth. No one is going to take him seriously if he goes and throws a temper tantrum if a driver passes him. He is a great driver when he plays by the rules and gets his wins in a fair manner. But to me it is all about him learning respect, he has to learn that he needs to grow up. So, I will stop picking on little shrub when he learns how to act like a grown up. Think about it.... he has not been in the sport for that long and already he has been dropped from Hendrick.