Where Did All the Heels Go?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 29, 2010

There was a time when the lines were clear, good guy vs. bad guy and it took a long time for there to be any type of mix up or switch over. Guys like Hogan, Steamboat, and JYD were constant 'faces' and guys like Big John Studd, The Iron Shiek and Nikolai Volkov were constant heels, ahhh the days of the cold war and prejudice made things so easy.

Today its not so easy; telling the good guys from the bad guys isn't as obvisous anymore, and it can change from one week to the next. Sometimes it's not even anything that was written or planned.



The bad guy WWE champion, but on Monday night we saw John Cena asking Sheamus for help in taking on Nexus. The baby face hero 'superboy' asking the celtic warrior to tag team up and take on the 'bad guys'. This was not met by Sheamaus screaming and asking Cena if he was crazy, or a back stab or any other typical heel action. No, Sheamus considered it; he was going to help Cena.


The Miz

He has a huge following. As annoying and pompous as he tries to be, he still gets the crowd cheering for him. When he won back the US title from R-Truth the crowd cheered. When he was being an ass and mocking other superstars on the Dirt Sheet, people loved it, he's funny. This brings about this anti-hero persona of the guy you love to hate.



The man who claims to be the best there is at what he does (not Wolverine) walks around with his cocky smirk and demanding respect...as he should. He was the first undisputed champion, the only man to beat The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night, a nine time Intercontinental Champion and a man who can make anyone look fantastic in the ring.

Heel? Yes, but, now he's hosting a game show on Tuesday nights on ABC where he's all smiles and joking around with guests so we see him as this nice guy and know he's not the jerk he is on Mondays. I am a huge Jericho fan, so no matter what he was saying or doing I'd be rooting him on, yet another anti-hero.


Ted Dibiase

Following in his father's footsteps, carrying around his Million Dollar Belt, he is the arrogant rich boy who pushes people around because of his money. He even went as far as to stuff a $100 bill in Virgil's mouth. However the next week, he apologized and then fired him. Sure firing him was bad, but he did apologize, something his Dad never would have done.

Now he has a valet Maryse; another heel, mainly because she speaks French. I dont think its possible to be French and a hero in the WWE. This run as heel for Dibiase comes very fast after he left Legacy as the face to go against Randy Orton. He is a true heel.


Randy Orton

Is he heel? Is he face? What is he? He doesn't play to the crowd, he doesn't go for cheap pops, he just does what he always has. He's a violent spaz and it's wonderful. His Voldemort, snake type movements that fling him about the ring before the Viper strikes get the crowd going wild.

His eerie looks, his beady eyes, the glares, the look of insanity and staying with 'I hear voices in my head' song all the exact same as when he was in Legacy, but the crowd loves him. They chant Randy Randy, he is neither heel nor face, he's just outstanding.



Just slightly more heel than Randy and again supposed to be the villian however the crowd still loves him. He has been being more and more of the bad guy lately, but that's mainly because he's going after Randy.

But he too falls in the same category as Orton, cool guy, great wrestler, everybody loves him and he's good on the mic equals hero. Until he once again start posing for three second flash photography he's going to walk this middle road between face and heel.


Then we have the flip flop group, Koslov, Kaholi, Santino, Mark Henry, John Morrison, all the faces of WWE were all just heels a short time ago.

The Usos, Zac Ryder, Alicia Fox, all heels but all so new they dont have big heat. The saving grace for new guys who bring big heat is Nexus, the NXT rookies. Everyone hates these guys for several reasons. They're new, they have no respect for the pros, and well I guess because they're beating the holy heck out of everyone.

Raw is in need of a great rivalry, a feud that could rank up there with HBK and Jericho, Edge and Cena, or Stone Cold and The Rock. A hero is only as great as his villian is evil, if the Joker was a push over no one would care who Batman is. You need that dynamic of a great villian to make a hero be even be better.