Open Mic: Should Have Retired Earlier

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

I did part one of the article earlier this week on the athletes who should retire and part two today on those athletes who retired too early. Now, I am doing part three, which includes a list of those who should have retired earlier than when they did:

  • Michael Jordon (should of never came back in 2001 as a Washington Wizard after retiring in 1998 with the Chicago Bulls)
  • Ricky Williams (should of never came back after retiring in 2004)
  • Roger Clemens (should not played in Houston)
  • Ricky Rudd (should not come back in 2007 after retiring in 2005)
  • Brett Favre (on this list also)
  • Drew Bledsoe (before the 2006 season started)
  • Warren Sapp

When I think of more, I will add them.