Just In Case You Missed It, They Are Called Nexus

Ron Johnson@ron_johnson7Contributor IJune 29, 2010

Tonights episode of Raw kicked off with another great segment with Sheamus and Cena. Sheamus is surprising good on the mic and Cena, as much as I hate to say it, is funny most of the time.

The anonymous Raw GM is interesting because it has been keeping our attention while furthering Michael Cole’s exposure to the mic. He is still seeing large amounts of heat.

The tag team division is definitely starting to improve with the Uso’s and Hart’s battling off. If the Nexus was to start tag teaming in matches they could be even more of a hated force by defeating face opponents.

Also, how many times did the WWE superstars say Nexus? I would go with 29.

Santino Marrella and Vladimir Kozlov are somewhat entertaining but still are just time fillers. I think more Nexus matches and chaos would be time better spent, similar to how NWO dominated every minute of Nitro.

The Money in the Bank participants were also announced and I can only hope Bourne or The Miz win. The WWE needs fresh talent on top and that would be an incredibly surprising to the fans.

The Mark Henry vs. Sheamus match was an unexpected delight. It is nice to see different wrestlers getting matches with main eventers. Keeps superstars in the fans minds.

The main event lacked some excitement because it was basically just a early promo for the MitB.

Randy Orton must still be injured because he barely wrestled. Tagged in, RKO, match over.

Overall I give Raw an 8.