Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre: Work Visa Issue, Jobs in Jeopardy?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 29, 2010

If you saw SmackDown last week, you saw that the WWE played an angle with Drew McIntyre regarding his work visa. What should be realized here is that it's not just an angle, his visa legitimately expired!

And developing news now is that Wade Barrett's visa also expired.

For those that don't know, a work visa is given to people to live and work in another country legally. Without a visa, they cannot work in that country. If they don't have one, or if it expires, they are now seen as illegal aliens unless they gain citizenship in that country.

Without a work visa or citizenship, an illegal alien will be sent back to the country that they came from.

This is why Wade Barrett is now back in Britain and cut from TV.

McIntyre is still in the United States, however.

Why is it that McIntyre can stay and Barrett can't? It's because McIntyre married a US citizen—Tyren Terrel, better known as WWE Diva Tiffany.

Has no one seen the movie, The Proposal ?

Because of their marriage, he is legally able to stay in America with his wife and keep his job.

Well someone got married just in time, eh?

The WWE is usually on top of issues like this. They make sure a visa is taken care of months in advance so that issues like this where both Barrett and McIntyre are pulled from TV, don't happen.

This is why I feel someone dropped the ball big time in the WWE Legal Department.

This however, shouldn't be a TNA/Angelina Love scandal if you ask me.

The Canadian's visa expired last year, which meant she had to be released from TNA Wrestling. But, the thing was that she worked with TNA for months after it already expired. This is probably the real reason she was let go.

TNA didn't bother to check, so Love was working illegally for a while.

The WWE didn't let this happen. They pulled both Barrett and McIntyre once their visas expired, to make sure no laws were broken. Both are expected to keep their jobs, and will be back when the visas are renewed. McIntyre may be able to come back sooner because of his marriage to Tiffany, but we'll see.

The new Nexus group, which I feel is one of the best new things in the WWE today, needs Barrett. The man is a set leader for the group, and a faction like this can really be great to watch. And the best part about it is that it's all young stars in the group.

And they are believably a force in the WWE, all this does is put over these great young stars.

Without Barrett, as they showed last night on RAW, they'll be alright. But with Barrett, they are over-the-top good, which is why he is needed there so badly.

If he was released, I feel it would be a huge blow to Nexus, because a leader will not be known. Sure, a guy like Heath Slater looks to be the type to lead, but Barrett was that one and only guy you could believe to be in that position in my personal opinion.

He was the biggest, strongest, and the best mouthpiece of the group, which made him the believable leader he was.

Wouldn't it be funny if he was released though? I think so.

Why, you ask?

Because the two best and brightest stars in Barrett and Danielson from NXT Season One will be let go for reasons that could have been avoided by the WWE. I wonder if we'll see Danielson back around the same time we see Barrett back.

It is uncertain when McIntyre or Barrett will be back, seeing as Visas take an undetermined amount of time to get. It could be next week or next month before it is taken care of.

But, since this is just a renewal issue here, I doubt it will be a tremendously long time.

And being the WWE, I think they may be able to speed up the process, especially since no US laws were broken.