Know What's Up With Bret Hart and The WWE? Bret Doesn't Know Either

Matt ClementsCorrespondent IJune 29, 2010

Not sure what happened to Bret Hart and his role in the WWE right now?  Well, Bret's not sure either.  He recently wrote on his website:

"As far as the recent lawsuit filed by Martha, I'm working on a detailed response that I will post soon, but I think my fans might be a little surprised at my take on things. Aside from that, I know that the WWE Universe is more than curious to know what my status is anymore and the truth is nobody knows, including me. There are a lot rumors out there about me and all I can say is that they're rarely true. I will have some major announcements forthcoming, but right now I'm going to keep the lid on things because I'm not looking for any distractions."

Hart was recently written off the show from Vince via the "You're fired" catch-all, but the rumor is that Hart's insurance carrier wouldn't allow him to return after the physical angle he shared with the NXT group a few weeks ago.  Hart's carrier was known to be weary of him going into a potentially physical environment, hence why Hart was never hit in the head once during his recent run with the WWE.  Still that's speculation, from the Honkey Tonk Man know less, so it's possible there are other issues neither side is discussing.  It should be interesting to see if Hart turns up on TV again.