VOTE NO ON 11 RaiderNation votes against another 10 + loss season

edward abramCorrespondent IJune 28, 2010

sorry about the first poll it didn't really say what I wanted it to.


RAIDERNATION wants' an end to 11 loss seasons!


The Raiders will be trying to better their wins record from the 10 + losses they've suffered for almost seven seasons. RaiderNation is hoping they can win and change the negative attitude of the media and some of the NFL experts.

CBS/ Clearchannel and the NFL wants them to keep losing and eventually lose the support of their fans. The Patriots' fans hope Oakland loses so they can get a high draft choice (Oakland's 2011 1st round pick). ESPN, FOX and NFL Network want another 10+ losing season to get the Patriots that top 10 pick and to see RaiderNation down.

We want to see Oakland win and we want a stop to these 5-11 seasons. So I started this poll just getting rallying support for a harder drive to win by the Raiders and more motivated rooting by the fans. Lets vote no on 11 'Nation' vote no against another 5-11 season in 2010.



Thank you.


If you feel the Raiders are being tampered with or that the NFL is showing a very biased attitude against them. Contact the NFL front office and let them know we support our team and they need to leave them alone so they can compete fairly.


Roger Goodell

280 Park Ave., 15th Floor

New York, NY 10017


No against another 11 loss season!


Go Raiders!!!