Pulley makes Coach Rich Brooks choose a liitle easier.

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2008

Since writing my last article just 20 hours ago, Junior QB Curtis Pulley has helped Coach Brooks decide who the starting QB is going to be.

Just how has he done that you may ask? Well try this on for size and see what you think.

In the evening of July 25, 2008, Pulley was pulled over by the Kentucky State Police in Elizabethtown for speeding. No big deal you might add but he was then arrested for driving on a suspended license. To say that was enough, it wasn't.

Pulley was driving his car on expired plates and, if not needing more racked up on him, he had expired registration.

Man its hard to get all of that on you in one life, but to have it all on you in one stop is ridiculous and very immature for the young man.

However he is a young man and we all make mistakes every now and then right?

Well then just go ahead and throw a little charge of marijuana possession in there with that. Just a month ago he was charged with that little bag of weed that was most likely his friends. That's what most people would try to say.

This is a very talented young man who is seeing his dream go down the drain. Pulley will most likely face being disciplined by Coach Brooks, but it shouldn't be the only thing he is worried about.

Just clean up the act and act like a decent player with a good head on your shoulders.

Move over Pulley, here comes Hartline.