MLB Power Rankings: Ticket Price Edition

SeatGeekAnalyst IJune 28, 2010

As the All-Star Break rapidly approaches, roughly marking the halfway point of the season, we at SeatGeek wanted to take a look at how each team’s ticket sales on the secondary market were doing.

The seller, who is generally either a fan or a ticket broker, determines ticket prices on the secondary market.  The sellers pick a price based on demand for the tickets for that game. Generally, tickets are going to be priced higher if the team is a popular team (especially in a city with a bigger market) that is playing well, and is playing a good team.

Our data reflects this trend, as the top three teams with the highest transacted ticket prices are the Boston Red Sox,  New York Mets and New York Yankees. The bottom three teams are the Cincinnati Reds, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

(At the bottom of this post there is a chart with every team’s exact numbers.)




Once we are at the All-Star Break, SeatGeek plans to have a more comprehensive breakdown of each team’s ticket sales on the secondary market. We are going to post a division-by-division break down, while listing some of the top selling games for each team in 2010. Be sure to check back with us for that!

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Team Average Ticket Price
Boston Red Sox$86.65
New York Mets$77.10
New York Yankees$74.69
Toronto Blue Jays$72.98
Chicago Cubs$70.46
Minnesota Twins$60.93
Philadelphia Phillies$60.24
Chicago White Sox$54.75
Baltimore Orioles$53.58
Arizona Diamondbacks$52.99
Los Angeles Dodgers$52.69
San Francisco Giants$52.43
St. Louis Cardinals$51.95
Washington Nationals$51.66
Oakland Athletics$48.24
San Diego Padres$46.74
Texas Rangers$45.44
Seattle Mariners$45.21
Houston Astros$44.12
Colorado Rockies$43.18
Tampa Bay Rays$42.56
Detroit Tigers$42.23
Kansas City Royals$41.88
Los Angeles Angels$39.58
Atlanta Braves$39.03
Cleveland Indians$38.86
Florida Marlins$38.05
Cincinnati Reds$37.59
Milwaukee Brewers$35.09
Pittsburgh Pirates$31.90