Stephen A. Smith?

Robert KahneContributor IJune 28, 2010
You guys remember Stephen A. Smith, right? The really loud guy that was on ESPN for several years, who had his own show where Allen Iverson cried and Tommy LaSorta acted a fool? The guy who didn't have contract renewed by ESPN in May of last year? Well, Steven A. cut his teeth as a reporter, and he reported something big today:
So, to all those Involved..., what do you think of this? Do you trust Stephen A. Smith? Does the lack of a complete sentence bother you (he finished it in his next tweet)? If you believe it, do you think Miami is a good fit for LeBron James? So many questions. Well, one this is for sure. At the end of this we will see if Stephen A. Smith is the super sleuth gum-shoe that many claim him to be, or just a tool. Now, LeBron not only has the hopes and dreams of at least 4 cities riding on his shoulders this free agency, he has the career of Stephen A. Smith.